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BC Federation of Retired Union
Welcome to BC FORUM

The BC Federation of Retired Union Members – BC FORUM – serving the needs of both retired and active union members over the age of 50 throughout British Columbia.

Welcome to the BC FORUM website. Our organization allows retired and active union members over the age of 50 an opportunity to renew your social network of union members and realize savings in programs, services and products only possible through group negotiation.

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Current News & Events:

November, 2015 - Winter issue of the Advocate, BC FORUM’s member newsletter, now available online

November, 2015 - Demand-A-Plan thanks supporters and states “our work is not done”

November, 2015 - BC FORUM Board issues statement on Syrian Refugees

October, 2015 - Supporting the 2015 United Way Fundraising Campaign - a strong labour partnership

October, 2015 - publishes latest newsletter

October, 2015 - BC Fed publishes video promoting Minimum Wage

October, 2015 - Office of the Seniors Advocate publishes September newsletter

September, 2015 - Unveiling of Golden Tree monument honouring farmworkers taking place on Saturday, October 3, 2015

September, 2015 - Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC publishes September 2015 newsletter: “We’re voting for our children and grandchildren”

September, 2015 - Free Event! 2nd Annual Rosemary Brown Memorial Conference, Sat. Sept. 19, 2015, Vancouver, BC

August, 2015 - Autumn issue of The Advocate now available online

August, 2015 - BC FORUM now offers Pre-Retirement Courses

August, 2015 - Find a labour hosted Labour Day 2015 event in your community

COPE378BCAALockout2015July, 2015 - Find out what you can do to stand in solidarity with BCAA workers

July, 2015 - From CTV News, October 2012: NDP government would restore retirement age to 65: Mulcair

July, 2015 - From the Vancouver Sun website: Walk-in clinics in BC told to offer continuing care to patients, by Pamela Fayerman

July, 2015 - Canadian Medical Association’s “Demand A Plan” website features new articles on “The Current State of Seniors Care in Canada”. Click here to read more and show your support.

July, 2015 - Summer 2015 issue of The Advocate now available online

June, 2015 - Another successful Annual General Meeting for BC FORUM members - read the Report and Resolutions here

June, 2015 - Sign up today for BC Labour Heritage Centre newsletter, now featuring periodic updates via email

June, 2015 - “Living Up to the Promise” - research study addressing the high cost of underfunding and fragmentation in BC’s home support system

May, 2015 - Maude Barlow publishes report: “Broken Covenant - How Stephen Harper set out to silence dissent and curtail democratic participation in Canada”

May, 2015 - Canadian Medical Association and the Alliance for a National Seniors Strategy launches “Demand A Plan” website

May, 2015 - Rally to Protect BC’s Coast at Kitsilano Coast Guard Station in Vancouver


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At the BC FORUM Board meeting in September, Ken Novakowski, President of the BC Labour Heritage Centre (center), with John Savage, on left, Vice-President of BC FORUM, and Irene Lanzinger, Chair, BC FORUM Board and BC Fed President.

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