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April, 2014 - BC seniors call on federal government to provide leadership in strengthening public health care

March, 2014 - Conservatives misled Canadians on CPP/QPP

March, 2014 - BCGEU: Seniors Advocate appointment necessary to tackle systemic changes

February, 2014 - Conservative budget lacks vision for future: CLC says government abandoning the middle class

December, 2013 - Conservatives block CPP/QPP expansion

December, 2013 - Canadians want future budget surpluses invested in healthcare, want secure federal funding not tied to the economy, from Canadian Health Coalition

November, 2013 - Sock it to poor seniors month says COSCO BC

November, 2013 - BC moves forward with seniors’ advocate

November, 2013 - New CCPA study “Why Canada needs Postal Banking” makes the case for postal banking in Canada. The reintroduction of postal banking in Canada would offer access to financial services not now available to many Canadians. Read more here.

October 2013 - Canada-EU Trade Deal: Sell out or celebration? Public needs a veto on massive corporate rights treaty - from

October 2013 - Throne Speech 2013: Pensions and Seniors Report by MPs Mathysson and Rankin

October, 2013 - United Way releases new Metro Vancouver handbook for caregivers of seniors

October, 2013 - How austerity chokes Canada’s down-and-out: Harper, Flaherty look the other way as cuts affect the health of our most vulnerable. By the numbers. - Nick Fillmore, The Tyee

September, 2013 - Labour Day 2013: Remembering the past and building for the future from

August, 2013 - Canadian Doctors for Medicare: Why Doctors Care About PharmaCare

August, 2013 - Bob Mackin Exclusive: Health Ministry “requested” seniors wheelchair tax

August, 2013 - From The Tyee: BC’s Little Known Resource for Unhappy Patients by Tom Sandborn

June, 2013 - Canada Post is finally paying up the equity money it owes. Read more here.

June, 2013 - Why Canada Post should be expanding services; from

June 17, 2013 - DO NOT PATRONIZE IKEA in Richmond or Coquitlam

June, 2013 - Seniors in care homes now pay the price for BC Liberal government's promise to balance the budget by Bill Tieleman

Lively BC FORUM AGM speaks out on key issues facing retired workers

June, 2013 - Members debated and adopted a wide range of resolutions. Read the report and resolutions here.

Seniors in care homes now pay the price for BC Liberal government’s promise to balance the budget

June, 2013 - The provincial election is over -- now it’s time to make elderly disabled people to pay the price for the BC Liberals’ promise to balance BC’s budget this year. Read Bill Tieleman’s article published in 24 Hours newspaper and at The Tyee here.

Alice West, past president BC FORUM, receives Rosemary Brown Award

June, 2013 - Past President of BC FORUM Alice West was honoured with the 2013 Rosemary Brown Award for Women at an event at Hycroft House in Vancouver. Read more here.

Canadian government redevelops Seniors information website

Union leader to Clark: Let’s put down the gloves

May, 2013 - Darryl Walker, president of the BCGEU, urges Liberals, “Don't do more of the same”. Read more here.

What happened to the New Democrats?

May, 2013 - The invites contributors to weigh in on what happened to the New Democrats in the recent election. Read more here.

A leading voice for BC seniors calls Surrey home

May, 2013 - The Surrey Now has a feature article on Art Kube, president of the Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC. Read more here.

Canadian workers’ rights: It’s a question of fairness

May, 2013 - Doug McPherson, president of the Congress of Union Retiress of Canada, writes on about the CLC’s political action conference that took place in Toronto in March and the ongoing fight with conservative ideas intent on weakening workers’ rights. Read more here.

BC FORUM Annual General Meeting 2013

Changes to Canada Pension Plan Disability Appeal Process

May, 2013 - The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities sends a Community Update on changes to the CPP Disability Appeals Process as a result of Harper Conservative legislation. Read more here.

Asian Heritage Month – May 2013

May, 2013 - From UFCW: The month of May signals a distinct vibrancy in Canada as we celebrate Asian Heritage Month. Across the country, Asian history, arts, heritage, and culture are being celebrated to highlight the significant contributions that Asian Canadians have made in building Canada. Read more here.

From CCPA - The fog clears: new information on federal job and service cuts

May, 2013 - After four austerity budgets and lots of hide and seek, there are finally some answers about what services federal departments are going to cut. Read the full analysis, The Fog Finally Clears: The job and services impact of federal austerity.

Toronto Star: By closing the Health Council of Canada, Stephen Harper is abandoning national medicare

April, 2013 - Read the Opinion/Commentary from the Wednesday, April 17 issue of the Toronto Star.

COSCO BC voter awareness information now available

April, 2013 - The Council of Senior Citizens of British Columbia have voter awareness information now available. Click here to see more about the Respect for Seniors campaign information.

CCPA releases Seniors Fact Sheets

April, 2013 - The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has released the first of three Seniors Fact Sheets featuring important information on seniors issues and includes questions to ask candidates on the upcoming provincial election. Read more here.

Program helping more seniors to be “Better at Home”

March 28, 2013 - Read about the new service providers for the Better at Home program. Click here.

Seniors BC e-Newsletter March 2013 issue now on-line

Read about the BC Liberal Budget and how it comes at a high cost to public sector workers; Special Report on Home Care and find out how a new web based service could point you to significant savings on prescription drugs. Read on-line articles or download the magazine here.

Seniors Distress Line 604-872-1234

A free and confidential telephone service for older adults and those who care for them.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit the Crisis Centre for more information.

March 2013 issue of The Advocate now available on line

Read about the BC Liberal Budget and how it comes at a high cost to public sector workers; Special Report on Home Care and find out how a new web based service could point you to significant savings on prescription drugs. Read on-line articles or download the magazine here.

Proposed seniors’ advocate lacks independence - HEU

February 20, 2013 - New seniors’ advocate role will be limited by lack of independence from government. Read the HEU news release here.

National summit on pensions: We must protect the most vulnerable during golden years

February, 2013 - Dave Coles, National President, Canadian, Energy & Paperworkers Union, calls for amendments to Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act to secure employees’ pensions in a company bankruptcy as National Summit on Pensions takes place in New Brunswick. Read more here.

CCPA comments on Seniors Advocate legislation

February, 2013 - The BC Liberal government has tabled legislation for a new Seniors Advocate position. Read comments from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives here.

Georgia Straight article: Future of Canadian health care needs attention now

February, 2013 - Ordinary Canadians are losing their say about the future of an institution that's central to their national identity: universal health care. Read the full article here.

Provincial Ombudsperson releases report on Adult Guardianship

February, 2013 - Provincial Ombudsperson Kim Carter has released her latest report “No Longer Your Decision: British Columbia’s Process for Appointing the Public Guardian and Trustee to Manage the Financial Affairs of Incapable Adults”. According to the report, vulnerable adults can lose the right to make financial and legal decisions for themselves if a health authority issues a certificate of incapability under a law that is outdated and through a process that does not provide adequate procedural protection. Find the report here.

Congress of Retired Union Members of Canada publishes latest issue of their magazine, January, 2013

Bill C-377: a seriously flawed proposal

December 10, 2012 - You must take action TODAY! Read the Facts here.

CURC presents petition to Federal NDP

December, 2012 - Pat Kerwin, President of the Canadian Union of Retirees of Canada, presented a petition to Federal MP Irene Mathysson supporting reversal of legislation changing age requirements for OAS. Read more here.

BC FORUM joins Protein for People

December, 2012 - BC FORUM has joined Protein for People, a unique partnership that works to address the shortage of protein at overburdened food banks. Read more here.

December 2012 issue of The Advocate now available on-line

Click here for Archived News Articles.

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