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The Advocate is BC FORUM’s membership newsletter, published four times a year.


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March, 2017 - CLC sees skills training, infrastructure and child care as budget highlights

March, 2017 - BC Fed releases second Game Over Christy ad pointing to forestry job losses, minimum wage and corporate donations

March, 2017 - Hopes for a Canadian Health Accord Dashed, says Ontario Health Coalition

March, 2017 - Former BC FORUM Board member Ray Andrus passes away; Celebration of Life service to take place March 18th in Surrey

March, 2017 - BC needs a leader who will make BC better for women, say Irene Lanzinger, BC Federation of Labour president on occassion of International Womens Day

February, 2017 - Christy Clark’s minimum wage announcement: 10 cents an hour more than planned won't lift 500,000 BC workers out of poverty

February 25, 2017 - BC FORUM Board member and long time labour activist Sister Millie Canessa passes away

February, 2017 - Throne speech glosses over fundamental social, economic problems for working people in BC, says BC Fed

February, 2017 - Canada's Health Coalitions release joint statement on bilateral health deals

February, 2017 - BC Seniors Advocate releases survey report on HandyDart

January, 2017 - BC Seniors Advocate updates comprenhesive directory for residential care facilities

January, 2017 - Clark jobs update offers little optimism for many BC workers, says BC Fed

January, 2017 - BC Health Coalition launches Election website

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